GAMIL Competition and Raw Materials Buying Patterns

There are no known companies into the production of the nuts, similar in advance technology, size, experience and production capacity to GAMIL. However our General Agro commodities raw materials used for production buying patterns are typically based on these variables:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Ability to deliver consistently on long-term contracts.
  • Significant % of active ingredients

Our Strategy and Implementation Summary will leverage on the competitive edge in order to gain significant market share. The competitive edges will be based on our ability to consistently produce nuts with high active physical properties and important chemical percentages with our enhanced mechanized processing techniques.

The reason for the above strategy is based on our organizational goals which are our driving force and they are;

  • To be the preferred supplier of raw and processed agricultural produce in West Africa.
  • To add value to Nigerian agricultural produce.
  • To provide employment to Nigerians.
  • To contribute significantly to the non-oil revenue of Nigeria.

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