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Understand and adapt to our client’s unique business needs in an inter-connected and continually evolving global market place. Therefore our core commitment is to:

  • Be an innovative leader in all aspects of our operations in order to be positioned to offer the best solutions to our clients.
  • Effectively collaborate with our clients to offer effective solutions that confer unique competitive advantages to our operations and that of our clients.
  • Leverage our unique industry contacts and knowledge to support our customers with innovative and tailored risk management solutions.
  • Provide our employees with a warm and fulfilling work environment that uniquely position them to attain their individual professional and business aspirations.

GRAND ALLIED MULTIPURPOSE INTEGRATED LIMITED (GAMIL) was born out of the inspired vision and desire of her promoters to leverage the innovative technologies, products, services and the technical and financial capabilities and contacts that abound in the global market of Agro commodity production business and to advance commerce, human and economic development in the West African sub-region, while spurring growth in the export of processed and unprocessed agro-commodities from the West African sub-region.


GAMIL started business in 2014 by sourcing and trading oil seeds and other agricultural produce, such as; Shea-nuts, Rice, Cashew, Sesame, Ground-nut, Soya Beans, Cassava etc. Our interest grew in premium Shea-nuts production over years as demands keeps increasing and yet the suppose nation entire production at 350,000MT per annum compared to the estimated world demand of about 4.4milion MT is farfetched from reality due to in adequate Knowledge on improved technology to further speed up production and increase productivity.


Today, GAMIL has been in the forefront to be the nation’s best and largest Shea-nut producer, our Mini-Shea-Nut factory in Nasarawa state has been very efficient for the past 5 years plus and our product has been recognized as the best produced Nuts by Ladgroup, AAK and other Shea-Nut exporters. The company’s 6 -year experience has been motivated by a pioneering spirit, coupled with a demand for excellence and an uncompromising insistence on quality. GAMIL name is respected nationally and by those who has been in contact with our business modules. This respect is hard won, GAMIL has built and maintained its most enviable reputation over the years.


Our overriding drive is prioritizing the delivery of niche, cutting- edge, and prompt services, leveraging innovative and cost-saving delivery models that ensure quick turnaround times and profits to our clients; while appreciating that our customers are the Driving force behind our business. We aim to continually strive to offer effective services to our clients and society at large and in the process create wealth and values for all stakeholders in the GAMIL family.


To continually strive to offer honest, dedicated solutions to our clients to enhance productivity and efficiency and to attain unrivalled synergies with other strategic players in the global agro-commodities trading space. We go above and beyond to ensure delivery on our promise, while providing unrivalled operational flexibility to adapt to, and accommodate our customers’ unique needs.